Posted by: hijoho | June 11, 2009

Number the Stars.

Every week or so, I would sit outside at night with a friend and look up into the sky. As we chatted away, I would often count the stars in the dark night. Each star that I set my eyes upon, I would wonder whether if the existence of the bright sparkling light was just an illusion or if the star was still up there, far away in the universe. The beautiful light that shines onto our planet is many light-years away, slowly fading and eventually disappears. Even the biggest star will soon lose its brightness and be forgotten, becoming just another part of history. I pretend that I could fly up into the sky and reach those stars and look back at our little planet to see if it was just another star.

It feels as if everyone’s life is a shining star; some are dim while others are bright. What you accomplish in your life time will be reflected in how bright you shine. Those that live their life with no regrets will shine brighter in the dark sky and be remembered. Those are the stars that have left their mark in history and have conquered the night. But the stars that are constantly the same brightness will slowly fade away, no one will remember you when you are gone.

Is my life just a dim star? Or the brightest one at the end of the night?

Tomorrow is another day to leave my mark before I fade away, to become the brightest star of all.



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