Posted by: changheuk | June 14, 2009

Daily Links

Daily Links will be a compilation of Gold that I find everyday that is worthwhile to read and permanently insert into your brains.

To make it easier for myself and you, I will briefly summarize them for convenience’s sake or you can dwell on them yourself.

The Art of Manliness

Lots and lots of articles about being a more successful, organized, skillful… well let’s just say better man. Not person, but man. Sorry to sound sexist, but that’s what the name of the site conveys. Worth a daily read, but haven’t dug into it yet.

25 Absolute Essentials for Networking Success

Things that you really should know about networking – not setting up the router in your house, but establishing good relationship that will always help your career or relationships out in the future. Much of the principles seem to come from a book I sort of skimmed over by Dale Carnegie… forgot the name, but basically if you want to gain good rapport, you will have to take the initiative, show genuine interest, give more than you receive, always speak in terms of what the OTHER person wants, and basically be humble with everyone, whether they’re “useful” to you or not.

3 Rules of Self Marketing

Pretty much sums up what I’m possibly doing right now. Build a presence inside an online network or circle, market your skills through ways such as a blog, and hope that your doings are eventually recognizable enough to garner you attention from employers or important people. Start early.

Important Questions You Should Prepare For in an Interview

This article seems to be from a long time ago, but has some key question and answer format content to tackle things you will usually encounter in any job interview – and how to ace it.

Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast –

Stuff that most regular bodybuilders would know, but a newbie might not: keep adding on the weights, eat LOTS, rest LOTS, lots of protein, develop a better diet, and less cardio unless you are losing fat (counter-productive to building muscle mass).

How to Actually Win in a Fist Fight

This is one of those posts I can’t really summarize. Its from a personal blog, but has gotten lots of attention. Give it a good read if you don’t know anything about fighting. At least I don’t. Martial arts… well let’s just say in real life they’re not as practical as you think, especially on the streets, unless you’ve trained a lot in sparring. And of course, the best way to win a fight is to not get in one.

50 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do

Bookmark it, read it, whatever. Essential stuff.

10 Essential Skills

You’ll need to have: effective public speaking skills, write in a way where your thoughts and insights are properly conveyed, discipline and self-management (GTD), networking skills (check the link above!), critical thinking skills that you might not have learned in school, being able to make decisions in a small time-frame and few options, pay attention to numbers, figures, and do math properly and not make silly arithmetic mistakes, and lastly know how to research properly and soak up knowledge whenever needed. There’s a bit more covered in the article.

Critical Thinking

This is a more abstract idea, and is more advanced. Basically, don’t be gullible – always seek out contradictions. Think logically and scientifically, not emotionally. Don’t be persuaded by too much biased information or an overload of it in a short amount of time, as it can mess up your judgment. We like to focus on what we know, not what we don’t know; we also like facts that have emotions attached to them, not just simple numbers and figures. Read more to find out!

While it is great to collect anything and everything that is intellectively useful inside a post like this, my aim is not to promote so much what other people have found to make their lives better. I will focus more on tips I have found most critical to my own self-development, rather than just thousands of things everyone should adapt to. Perhaps there might be more insight conveyed by doing that.

I still think learning how to organize yourself, learn faster, GTD, etc. is a very important “basic” set of skills that you simply do not learn in school or college. You might learn them from your parents, given they’re masters of the art themselves, or have a degree or two. But for those that don’t (such as myself), we’ll all have to start from the drawing board. Hopefully this is what my posts will be about. Starting from zero.



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