Posted by: changheuk | June 16, 2009


Having decided that I would need to absorb a tremendous amount of knowledge by reading in the next few years to get me back on track with peers my age in terms of academic ability, common sense, etc, I realize the rate at which I read… is kind of slow. Having heard of the term before, and somewhat tried some of the basics, I didn’t see much benefits.

So I started looking around success sites again, and I stumble across The Evelyn Wood 7 Day Speed Reading Program (you can always look for a *free* version online).

To those lazy people who don’t feeling like reading the book just yet, I have gathered the more important information below.

  • most people read at around 250-500 words per minute (wpm), this can be increased easily to 1000 and beyond
  • instead of trying to internally speak out every word in your brain, which is what most people do, you should get rid of it and read groups of words at the same time
  • 3000 wpm and beyond is possible, with the right techniques
  • comprehension does NOT go down due to reading too fast
  • these methods have been employed by many smart students, academics, and a few of the American presidents as well (reading 2-3 books per DAY)
  • put your fingers under a line that you read; this helps that your eyes stay on the book and not wander
  • don’t read a sentence twice, don’t go back and reread, save that for later
  • read in a QUIET, UNDISTURBED place

More advanced:

  • read vertically downwards
  • grasp the main ideas, perhaps form visual cues
  • for something you need to know inside-out, flip the pages first as a preview and just scan for important words (few seconds per page), before you actually “read” the book

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