Posted by: changheuk | June 18, 2009

Great Programs That Everyone Should Have

This list really goes in no specific order, but since I’m quite the computer geek, and I have this obsession of downloading programs, I will recommend some here.

I won’t be linking anything, as it usually comes up as the first search result on Google.


Programs you MUST have

Firefox + Flashgot + Xmarks – Firefox is the best; Flashgot is a great add-on for download manager integration; Xmarks allows bookmarks synchronization.

Windows Live Pack (including Messenger) – I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts.

Office (Microsoft that is, but StarOffice and OpenOffice isn’t bad either for freeware) – OneNote is a goodie that everyone should use for school or research.

EverNote – An alternative to OneNote.

Messenger Plus add-on – too much additional features to name, I’ve been using MSN Plus since elementary school, so I always get it. One of the better features are the chat logs, as well as the fact you can have a lot more text to send at once.

Anti-virus – AVG Anti-Virus. I always find ones with licenses that go till year 2018 or something. Can’t complain. NOD32 is great too, but it’s been a bit laggy and cpu-hogging for me lately…

Anti-spyware – The best one keeps changing. Used Spyware Doctor, Microsoft Defender for some time. Now trying out Malwarebytes, so far so good.

WinRAR – opens ISOs too.

VLC media player – Opens just about anything you throw at it; GOM Player and Media Player Classic are great choices too.

XP Codecs or CCCP (another codec collection) – You need these to play any of the current videos that are in random formats like mkv, rv, or HD format, etc.

Flashget – My favorite download manager, preferred over all others.

Google Pinyin Input – My preferred choice of Chinese input.

Dropbox – Share your files between computers, and also download or upload on any internet browser. Must have.

Foxit PDF Reader – Faster than Adobe, lighter.


Personal Prefereces

Launchy – Google for your computer almost, but helps launch any program faster than you would normally take to find it.

Daemon Tools – Though I use WinRAR to open ISO’s these days.

Nero – Burn your media.

Veoh Web Player – I like Veoh, and you have to have this installed to play their stuff.

Filezilla – Free FTP program, good functionality.

Photoshop – I’m not a Photoshop user, but it is good to have…

iTunes – I don’t own an iWhatever or a Mac, but its a good program, I like its organization and looks over Windows Media Player or Winamp. Ironically, I’ve been using the latter two for almost most of my life.

DisplayFusion – I have a dual screen setup and I like to use this program to allow each monitor to display a seperate wallpaper.


Feel free to contribute to this list :D.


All of the above can be… essentially downloaded at this site, or here. This site has it all – programs, e-books, games, whatever. Most of the links are in rapidshare or megaupload, but seeing as downloading 70 parts or something from rapidshare isn’t all that time-efficient, you might want to just shell out for a 1 month rapidshare account off sources that let you buy for $6-$7 instead ( You can even use Flashget with rapidshare links and queue them all at once!


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