Posted by: changheuk | July 14, 2009


Dell has excellent customer service.

In my case, I have a XPS m1210 with a fried video card (Geforce go 7400). My laptop was one year out of warranty, and even the video card extended warranty is out as well…

Initially I called tech support hotline. No luck. My model would not be supported, and I would have to pay $50 to DETERMINE what the problem is. Can you believe it? DETERMINE the problem? Now I would hear gruesome rumours about something like $800 to fix the issue.

Btw, my issue is that I would get blue screens of death no matter what on startup. My only resolution was to power up in safe mode and then not use the video card drivers, which is like riding in a wheelchair to go play badminton pretty much. Then it got worse – the screen powered up but was black, and nothing else ever showed after that.

Behold, I found some good links on the net and was recommended to send an e-mail to customer care stating I demanded similar service as to those who have gotten their laptops fixed, who have fought for their rights and received a full, free repair on out-of-warranty machines. Amazing.

So this is what happened the day after I got a phone call from the Dell Corporate Office a few days later after the e-mail:


And then the next Monday…


All done and ready to go!

They replaced my missing screws, my hard drive (it was screwed as well apparently…), my palm rest (it was sorta broken, but I wasn’t expecting this to be fixed), my motherboard, and my hard drive.

If you are in a similar situation and want this same kind of service, feel free to ask here!

I’m pretty sure my next laptop will also be a Dell (if not a Mac) as well! Get their best warranty service if you are really worried.


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