Posted by: changheuk | August 3, 2009

Purpose revision

I have concluded that it would seem pointless to update once in a full moon about where I’m heading with my X amount of interests and hobbies. To be honest, I don’t think I’m headed for anywhere past mediocre at best, so for the time being I should encourage myself to blog along with my daily progress.

From now on, for now, it seems more logical to just post my daily proceedings in each hobby, perhaps forcing myself to stay more focused.


School – none

Investments –

Currently reading The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. Barely copying to really understand the ideas mentioned in this book, but as said by Buffett, its one of those must-read books to get the current mindset down.

Updated a new routine. I will check Finviz, MarketWatch, HotStockMarket, and Day Trading Stock Blog. Next, I will check my current virtual portfolios (check out Wall Street Survivor or Investopedia) – I have one buying the top gainers, one buying more “safe” stocks, and another with different combinations.

I’m currently looking at General Electric, since IMO its a stable company bound to come back up. Let’s see how much this newbie insight of mine holds :P.

Piano – none

Japanese – daily review and learning 50 “new” words on Anki. Watching KeyHoleTV (TBS/東京放送) as much as possible. Checking out a used Japanese bookstore tomorrow (for those of you in Vancouver – BookOff), hopefully grab a book or two.

Physical – Badminton day. Lot of playing done, but need to work on my mentality. Need to really working on my offensive side starting next time. Clears and lifts won’t cut it!

Remember: mid-body power for smashing, and less wind-up motions to prevent tricep area sores. Work on backhand corner area.


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