Posted by: changheuk | August 4, 2009

Updates and Revisions: August 4, 2009

School – finished the long and dreaded Computer Science lab, but most of it wasn’t my idea, it was too tough.

Revisions: Definitely need to start catching up with school tomorrow in hopes of getting stellar results on my finals and cut the academic chase down once and for all.

Investments –

Still not really getting the hang of the virtual portfolios (lol, and I expect myself to play with a real one soon?), but seeing GGC up and down today was a shock… $0.30~, reverse split to $7 ish, then the climb up to $2x, where I promptly attempted to short it, and as of today my short killed me, since it went all the way up to $44! Back down to the $32 by the end of today. Anyone who made profit of the full climb just doubled their investment by 6 times…

Aside from the observing, I looked up a few more stocks; considering AIG, going to do some research. I mean, they totally got *raped* earlier, but I’m betting they won’t die out yet. What intuitive speculation, I hope by the time I start trading I won’t be completely acting on guts alone.

Music – sadly, none. I need to learn to balance my time soon.

Japanese – daily review, KeyHoleTV.

My results today from Book-Off!!!

To those wondering what am I doing for those pussy little girl books, F*** OFF. Okay so maybe I got a bit too defensive there. On the right is 4 of the Haruhi Suzumiya light novels (friend borrowed one to read, though his Japanese ability is arguably less than 1/100-th of mine), and they’re awesome (maybe I’ll change my opinion when I take 10 minutes trying to interpret the first sentence).

Then you have a book on investment (I don’t even know how to read the title, though I know what it means…) Um so I just made it out, its Toushishitaku ni damesareru na! My weak Japanese interpretation abilities translate that to "You’re being tricked [in the world of] investments!” Now the dictionary says mutual funds, and also investment trust. This is going to be a nightmare to read, since I have a hard time understanding investment terms in PLAIN ENGLISH…

But whatever works, it’s still Japanese!

On the bottom right corner, I”s. Quite the best um, romance (?) manga I’ve read. To own it in its original language is a friggin’ HONOUR (honor, if you’re not Canadian). I struggled a lot reading a few chapters while taking a ____. My understanding of plain spoken Japanese is just … lacking.

I’ll definitely visit Book-Off before August 31 again (end of the 20% sale). Except today was a pain in the ass, hardly anything could be found in the store just by random snooping. I mean there was a TON of Japanese material, but hell, I don’t even know how their hiragana order works (I know ABCDEFG… but あえいおう、かき..what?) I better learn how the order goes before I visit them again…

Oh and, the cashier started speaking Japanese to me. I mean, who the hell buys books on investments in Japanese when they can’t even participate in daily conversations of the language. *facepalm* If the point wasn’t clearly stated, I started speaking in English. You have no idea how afraid I am to speak the language in real life. Probably because I can’t 1) properly express myself, and 2) understand a reply.


Physical – none. Watched some random rallies on Youtube of Badminton, how sad. I better not start a slacking spree again…

Cubing – broke some small barriers today with a 31.xx average of 5 on the 3×3. Slow improvement, or rather, very unexpected improvement. It came from the fact that I looked for a corner piece with a white right after I am done with the cross on top (doing the cross on the bottom is more preferable in speedcubing of course, but I’m too noob…), instead of frantically searching for F2L pairs after I flip the yellow side to the top.


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