Posted by: changheuk | August 7, 2009

Brief Update, Change of plans

Japanese – watched some TV, learned the lyrics of a good song (Gackt – My Father’s Day), and about to watch Honey and Clover live movie. Still very confused by the grammar, I realized that you have to kind of look for verb phrases and its corresponding subjects or objects to really pick out what a long-a** run-on sentence means… which occurs a heck lot.

It gets worse when the sentence does not have much Kanji. Of course its relatively easy if the sentence is short and the grammar is clearly defined, but when stuff gets long, ambigious hiragana words like to, naru, te, dake, daga, nimo, nowa, etc. start coming out and filling in bits and pieces, it gets very hard to logically understand. At that point I give up trying to make sense of it in English and pretty much try to get cues from the Kanji.


Stocks – well intuition certainly doesn’t serve well everytime. CIT sucks, I didn’t read the background info, and didn’t know they’re suffering from some stuff and not getting help or something to that effect. Good thing its all a virtual portfolio. I have my best friend C (they’re different stocks btw), which has since gone up 25%-ish since I bought it. Won’t be long til I start trying my hand at some real hand investing, hope all goes well!

Remember, investing 80% right, NOW, is better than investing 100% right, but some 10, 20 years later. If you’re afraid of risk, just buy index funds, or big boys aka. blue chip stocks (but there is potential danger like AIG $1500 –> $8, so yeah).


Badminton – today I played badminton. Whenever I don’t play for a few days, my ego goes through the roof and I think I have magically figured out how to play like a god. Well no. A lot of your performance is based on how nervous, tired, pressured you are feeling. And how well you react to consecutive attacking shots. And sometimes you just miss a blatant easy shot. Then your morale drops, and so forth.

Need to: last longer both mentally and physically, recover faster, cover empty spots, split-step at the right time, hit better-placed clears.


Change of plans – might as well adopt a weekly update. Not like anyone or even me will read these posts in the future. Its not a good benchmark of progress either, since I’m lazying it up so far.

I just thought it would be a great idea to slowly track my progress, but it doesn’t come daily. If we apply the 80/20 rule, perhaps only 20% of the time elapsed will have really gone to improvement.

Let’s see, I have only gained significant investment insight in around 5-10 minutes of the 2 hours that I was checking out stocks; 20% of my badminton playing was actually strategical and tactical, where I analyzed myself afterwards; and 20% of the time I used on Japanese today was actually productive.

In other words, 80% of the time used today was absolutely wasted.

I mean, I might as well start posting DotA tips. Here’s one for the hell of it:

If both teams are fairly even and the game has elapsed past 30-40 minutes, whoever makes a small mistake first might lose. We are talking about something like two guys dying in a gank, then the others getting split apart and raped one by one, then barracks get hit down, one lane suffering mega creeps.

Anyhow, 以上です!


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