Posted by: changheuk | August 18, 2009

New books and a bit of luck

So my summer vacation has officially began. Its just gonna last 2 weeks, but I’m content enough. Breaks shouldn’t be too long, or else you lose your rhythm. The whole point of school for me at the moment is just to get to where I want to, not so much enjoy college or university life. A bit too overwhelming and depressing for the past while to even think of school in an optimistic manner.
I visited Book Off today again. Reason being today was also the first day that the Canada Line was opened. It connects Richmond straight up to Vancouver downtown. Its a hell lot faster than taking the bus, since the Canada Line can only encounter so much stoppage. Oh, for those of you that don’t know, the Canada Line is a skytrain/subway. Its a bit of both, since it is above and below ground sometimes.

Here’s a snapshot:

And the books I got:

I only managed to get my hands on Volume 12 last time. Too bad this time, I got a lot more! Missing a few here still….

The leftmost one is 村上春樹. A much acclaimed modern author from Japan. Couldn’t get his other works though.

And last but not least a short update on progress

Music: lazy, not getting anywhere.

Reading: not really getting anywhere either. Sort of reading a few pages of Talent is Overrated per day. Good book, but I need to finish it quick.

Badminton: improved a little, hitting a lot harder on some clears now. Thing is, I lose my patience and optimism really quickly, and my performance takes a nosedive. I also get irritated by unnecessary things, such as partner messing up several points in a row, or weird opponent tactics. Improvement is MUCH desired, of course…

Japanese: not really improving, since I’m watching drama with handicap (subtitles). I went through CHANGE last week, now I’m on Engine. As you can see, these are both Kimutaku dramas. I absolutely admire his ability to appear as a totally different role every drama. I can’t explain it, but when you watch Hong Kong drama (I grew up with those), the famous actors always have this same aura and personality, no matter which series or what role. Kimutaku is totally different all the time – Mr. Brain he was a really curious, daring, carefree, humorous, semi-fun-provoking neuro-something-gist;  in CHANGE he was a really shy politician but held his morals tight to himself; and now in Engine he comes off as really confident, semi-arrogant, influencing big-brother sort of role. I guess his role in Hero would be sort of similar to Mr. Brain as well, but what sort of seperated it for me was Pride. In Pride, he is pretty much the womanizer, confident kind of guy. Its just a lot more different from his other series. Next in line to watch is Good Luck! I’ll be passing the rest of my summer days with dramas…


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