Posted by: changheuk | August 29, 2009

Update: dramas and games

I am a bit pissed off because I was halfway done this post when WordPress’s gay image adding feature crashes my Firefox. It takes forever to load and is a piss-off.

Dramas (you can watch dramas on MySoju, or any other popular streaming sites)


My rating: 7.5/10.

If you’re in need of a changing, semi-life-altering, motivating series to watch, give CHANGE a try. It is quite inspiring and helps raise your sense of optimism.

Plot: elementary school teacher is forced to run for candidacy as a politician and dislikes it, because he never gave a crap about politics nor knows any of it. Eventually he discovers his own purpose and perhaps his own sense of justice and set of morals captures the hearts of the citizens unlike any other before him…


My rating: 9/10.

An almost must-watch. It makes your heart warm and injects a good dose of humanity in you.

Plot: pro formula racer Kanzaki Jiro gets kicked out of his overseas racing contract because he hates the noobs around him. The first episode actually makes you hate caucasians more than you would normally do, no offence to those of you out there, they just portray them as utter racist dicks. He then goes back to Japan where his father has opened an orphanage, and has to stay there. Jiro also hates kids. Through every episode, we see how Jiro’s carefree, immature, blunt, but optimistic personality wins over the hearts of the kids.

Maybe the plot doesn’t sound special, but it is a very good drama IMO.

Once again, a must watch.

Good Luck!!

My rating: 7/10.

This drama supposedly had a higher viewership than the ones above, but I didn’t find it as good.

Plot: Kimura plays a noob commercial pilot, where his noobiness gets him into shit. This drama explores his passion for flying and also how he deals with his dick superior-captain, played by Tsutsumi Shinichi (the math genius from the Galileo movie).

Watch it when you have time I guess.

Liar Game

My rating: 8/10.

I watched it because there is Erika Toda. I love her. She is the very definition of a young woman.

Plot: unrealistic game where you have to use any means to make your opponents lose in this fictional game, called… Liar Game. You lie and stuff. Just watch it.

The reason its good is because there’s a lot of logic inside. It opens up your brain a little.

Such as in one of the games, one of the contestants will ask a question. You can either vote YES or NO. The minority vote wins. Then this continues until there is one or two winners. Winners take the prize money, and all the losers then have a 100 million Yen debt. How do you devise a method for a win-win situation? Watch to find out.

A million stars falling from the sky

My rating: 9/10.

This is a very tragic drama. It isn’t lovey-dovey as much as it is insanity. It gets darker and more depressing with every episode, until you go “wtf omg”.

Watch it to get your emotions messed up.

I’m not going to spoil anything.

Tip: watch this BEFORE you watch CHANGE.


Bright Shadow – an English version is coming out this fall, and I tried the Taiwan version. It plays well, but I didn’t get hooked. I will definitely try the English version when it comes out.

Heroes of Newerth – basically DotA with better graphics and engine. Similar heroes, map, items, etc. Its in beta right now and you need a key to play.

Chibi – chibi as in Red Cliff in Chinese. Felt a lot like Runes of Magic, because it was almost purely quest based for levelling, and you could pretty much click the highlighted NPC name and it auto moves you there with ease. However, I don’t like quest based games, so screw it.

Silent Plot 1 – supposed to be a good game, since refreshingly its based in a dystopian, horror survival theme kind of background. You can have a big gun or pistols. I just didn’t really like the whole mood that it gave, so I ditched it.

SUN Online – straightforward hack and slash, nothing short of bland, so I ditched it.

Continent of the Ninth – this is epic. Imagine Gears of Wars/GunZ incorporated into a fresh action MMORPG. There’s a friggin’ crosshair in the middle of the screen. You can wield a sword and a bow at the same time, and do stuff like roll side to side, and use your feet to kick stuff. You can also throw objects that you see on the ground I think. You can jump around and combo in the air. Fine, maybe not THAT intense, but it is the best MMORPG engine I’ve seen to that. DOWNSIDE: it’s only in Korean at the moment. Damn, I almost feel that I should uptake the language to enjoy the game more!


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