Posted by: changheuk | October 14, 2009

"How to defeat burnout and stay motivated"

I think nothing can put it better than this post at ZenHabits.

With three midterms coming to destroy me next week, I am welcome to all effective forms of tips and encouragement – whether it’d be against the procrastination, the tough material, or the sheer pressure of doing bad itself.

While most of those tips are good, I found this few especially helpful:

– get more sleep

No ****, but its really hard to do, especially if you’re a procrastinator like me.

– setting clear boundaries

This is a refreshing idea. Basically you shouldn’t be making yourself “study 4 hours a day”, but try to set rational boundaries such as “absolutely no gaming or distractions or web-surfing before 6 PM.”

– focus

ZenHabits says focusing is actually less exhaustive than doing something in a “wishy-washy” way. I am guessing because you eliminate yourself of all the doubt and all the false impressions of “omg this is so hard” that otherwise stress and make you frustrated.

In the end, its all just a struggle between discipline and distractions…



  1. Hi there. I’m just some random stranger who stumbled on your blog and after browsing through I thought it was pretty much like my own blog haha. I guess that’s because I share many of your interests and also have a similar attitude towards studying, ie. I’m a big-time procrastinator.

    I’m also in uni, also always trying to focus on my work and pull up my grades, always trying to find the discipline and motivation to study, ALWAYS going on zenhabits and trying to apply the principles that the gurus list out, and somehow not succeeding. And ALWAYS I end up being frustrated and getting distracted, and I switch on the comp and end up indulging in hours of dbsk. Yeah I’m a big dbsk fan, that’s how I linked here after seeing your comment on popseoul for some “ss501 vs dbsk” thingy. Oh I also really love dota and other games too.:)

    Sorry for the long comment. Just wanna give some encouragement to a fellow procrastinator (and also at the same time reminding myself)! Don’t sidetrack! Don’t waste your youth by not doing your best! Have no regrets after completing your midterms.

    Now I’ve to go off to study for my upcoming test, no excuses. Good luck!

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