Posted by: changheuk | November 9, 2009

I love this song

I think this song deserves a post of its own.

– its live

– its DBSK (or TVXQ)

– its Japanese so I sorta understand the lyrics after a glance or two at the translation

– it sounds even better than the recording, especially with Yoochun’s messup (which I am very forgiving of, it makes it sound more emotional actually XD)

It sorta has a different feel from other ballads. It isn’t totally sad like Why did I fall in love with you (because it describes how the guy can’t be with the girl anymore), isn’t as emotionally and vocally compelling as Love in the Ice (which isn’t a good or bad thing, just better to have more choices sometimes), and is a bit more pure, wishful sounding than Stand by U.

Without further adieu, I present: Wasurenaide (Don’t forget)

Kaze ni natte… sotto tsutsumitai… kimi ga iru, sekai ni, sugu tonde yukitai…

“I want to turn into the wind to softly embrace you… the world you’re in, I want to quickly fly there…”


On another note, these guys are actually one of the best unified DBSK cover-ers I’ve seen. I’m not really fond of those camwhore fangirls trying to sing guy songs, the emotion and power just isn’t there:


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