Posted by: changheuk | December 6, 2009

Another great song(s) to share

This song might sound familiar for those of you from Hong Kong…

That’s right, first line that comes to you is 冷冷雨喔~ or something right?

Yep, this is the original version of Jacky Cheung’s song! By Hideaki Tokunaga 徳永英明. But to make things even more exciting, he’s performing with the Gods…



Kotoba ni Dekinai (originally sung by Oda Kazumasa in 1982).

This is a very simple but touching song… if you liked this video, please watch the one below.

The only live I could find of the original, by Oda Mazukasa himself (小田和正).

I have a pet peeve for people who compare “who’s better.” I think they’re both different interpretations. You have TVXQ/DBSK who are young in their careers, and Oda-san who is a much more seasoned performer, and is the original songwriter AND lyricwriter. To some extent, the way Oda-san interprets it has much more of a nostalgic feel to it… you know, like an old gramps thinking about the time when he was in war… that kind of feeling. And he’s one of those rare singers that can pull off such beautiful Bflat4’s AND play the piano accompaniment at the same time.

Of course, there is also something VERY striking and touching about TVXQ’s interpretation. Its probably Jaejoong’s la la la part and Yoochun’s “Anata ni aete…Kotoba ni Dekinai” bridge that really shook me.


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