Posted by: changheuk | December 19, 2009

Please watch Zeitgeist: Addendum

Several things struck me:

CIA supposedly assassinated two South American presidents because they refused to be bribed.

Al-Qaeda, which is a fictional name for the group of “terrorists” created by US propaganda, took down the World Trade Centre because the US was over-utilizing Afghanistan for opium production. Makes you think… are terrorists really bad? Or are they just radical people trying to overthrow the fucked up corrupted system that makes money out of thin air?

The concept of money is debt. We are all slaves of the bank and government.

Democracy, ethics… it isn’t possible in a monetary based system.

We’re capable of improving our technology and living environment, but because we run on a monetary system, it isn’t possible. We do have the resources for it, just not the “money”.

Scarcity is what increases profits, (slowing down oil production increases its price right?) which means efficiency, sustainability, and abundance are enemies of profit.

If there was an abundance of everything, there would be no reason to sell anything.

If technology could replace labour (it does, but not enough), then people wouldn’t be working.

Research has found that natural energy resources like tidal, solar, and wind are enough for mankind. Yes, no oil, biomass, nuclear bullshit.

What is more astounding is that 13,000 zetajoules of energy are available at our disposal from geothermal resources. The world uses 0.5 zetajoules per year = 4000 years of clean power.

People in our society today are taught today that only money can create incentive…

and that is why it hardly progresses.


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