Posted by: changheuk | December 23, 2009

GOOOOOD tips for high schoolers and young teens


– grades 8-11 is a waste of time. As long as you’re pulling average grades, that is good enough. Of course you need a solid foundation, but there should be much more things you should consider doing…

– hopefully you started out playing the piano at a young age. By now, you should be nearing the end of classical training, perhaps moving on to becoming a certified teacher or small-time performer. You need these types of extracurriculars. Skip the after-school hangouts and crap, go practise the piano or something else such as…

– some sort of fine art, or a sport. Singing, dancing, drawing, martial arts, etc. You need to collect up to 10,000 hours of practice before you become good. This of course is a theoretical estimate. But you need to rack up those hours, so don’t go on the internet, don’t go watch TV, its a waste of f**king time, skip the video games as well.

– if you HAVE to play video games, get GOOD. Not good-within-your-circle-of-friends good. Go play tournaments, go get known online. Please don’t call this no-life as well. You need to be no-life to be good at something. The society does NOT value jack(s)-of-all-trades, so get GOOD at something!

– skip the lovey dovey shit, mood swings, emo-ing, whatever the hell teens indulge in. Its a craptacular waste of time. You should get a girlfriend, but please don’t go wasting all your time and energy on her well-being. You’re going to break up before high school ends, and no nothing is going to last forever. Grow the fuck up before the others do so you feel better about yourself.

– get a part-time job, earn some money, and buy clothes. Yes, clothes, don’t go buy video games, you can download that off the internet

– clothes. Go copy the celebrities because they are the trendsetters. Do not go wearing shit that all your friends wear. That’s lame and unoriginal.

– clothes again. Try and skip the hoodies, the all-over prints, the gangster shit, the oversized, baggy shit. I mean if you think that is fashionable, go ahead. Get a nice jacket or two, straight or slim (or if you like skinny) jeans, standard sneakers, a nice backpack or messenger, accessorize a little as long as your friends don’t start calling you gay (piercings are really common these days, and so are necklaces, rings, bracelets, belts… blah blah blah), and keep it at that.

– upgrade your hair. Again, copy a celebrity. Don’t waste time experimenting. And please, I hate seeing wannabes in high school, they’re a bunch of douchebags. That means don’t think your hair is the SHIT and go fix it every 5 seconds, no one thinks you’re hot

– University is relatively easy to get into; in fact, just focus on grade 12, that is all you need…

– most so called “gangsters” in high school are a bunch of pussy shits, if you are fed up with it, go train up and beat the poor living shit out of them… they need some self-esteem

– learn a new language… you won’t regret it. Its nice to only speak English or Chinese your whole life, but speaking another language opens up endless possibilities. There is also no reason why you should restrict yourself to your own identity, because the world is globalizing, no one gives a shit about how Chinese you are

– start working out once you think you’ve stopped growing, put on some muscle

– if you really want to get academic and get into the top universities… well this is hard for me to say, but start researching early, put on a lot of side-achievements, extra-curriculars, etc.

– don’t hangout unless you meet new people or really like the people you’re going with. There is always a better choice of time investment.

– start learning how to invest. Learn more about the world, like current events, economics, history… just build up some knowledge. That sounds boring, but as time goes on and knowledge builds up, you’ll find yourself getting more respect from older people for what you’re doing at your age

– learn how to learn properly… don’t just take notes and not think about it in class. Try not to procrastinate and cram. School isn’t hard, so don’t set 70% as a goal. Set 95%. Even 90% is good. Don’t aim for something impossible, but give yourself plenty of room to maximize your abilities.

– IMPORTANT: learn how to be consistent day after day. Don’t give up on some effort after a day or two. This is a great skill to have. Find out what it takes to become better at everything, not just at the superficial level. For example, if math is getting hard for you, don’t just try to spend 2x the time reviewing, instead go think about how other smart kids learn, or what you’re doing wrong. In other words, think outside the box, critique yourself… go check out Cal Newport’s Study Hacks as well.



High school is a critical period of time where one develops and finalizes the development of the skills that might define your future identity and life. Famous actors and singers most likely started becoming really good at this age. Good athletes probably became really good around this time as well. But for the rest of the people, they’re just aimlessly trying to make their lives happy and fulfill their parent’s report card requirements so they can go play video games or go out to watch movies with friends. It’s nice, but you can do that anytime you want. Once you get too old, the time constraint starts to dig in, and you might find yourself too old to start pursuing something and becoming recognizably good at it.

If you wish to become a jack-of-all-trades, by all means live your adolescence by your own means.


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