Posted by: changheuk | January 15, 2010

iPod Touch time


Got a iPod Touch. I will be sharing my findings here. Note that a jailbroken iPod Touch is no different from a iPhone, except… it isn’t a phone and can’t make calls (but using VoIP yes, but there’s no usable WiFi everywhere). On another note, it would make sense to ditch my cell phone and just use VoIP (internet phoning), since its cheaper (2 cents per minute, and I hardly make calls), and you just need WiFi. Its not like you would be really talking on the phone while you’re driving because if you get caught that’s like $1xx down the drain. The cons is that you need to get into people’s networks and crap.


Some of the things that really bug me when I first get something new is what the hell do I do with it. Makes my head explode when you have a million things you don’t know. I guess I’m not a very holistic thinker. Anyhow, I just wanted to help simplify your iPhone experience a bit.

First, jailbreak your iPhone. Its easy, read below. Then you can install Cydia with the blackra1n app.

Get install0us, and get a method of transferring IPA files to your iPhone. I use total commander. It will take a little logic to figure things out, since install0us only installs files that are present in a folder that isn’t accessible by total commander on your PC. Therefore you’ll have to get OpenSSH (read below).

Everything (or most) of the apps and stuff listed here can be found on Cydia.

Whenever I get a new game or app, I either just download with Cydia, or I download from the computer (faster), then transfer to the correct folder and use intall0us to install it. Done.

Videos: I use a small program called iPodME to convert AVI’s to mp4. Afterwards, just drag them into iTunes, under your iPod. You’ll need to tick the “Manually manage my songs and videos” or something condition in your iPod syncing settings inside iTunes.

Basic terms

Generations: wikipedia should give a better explanation, but basically the 2nd is thinner, has speakers, volume control buttons, etc. compared to the 1st. The 3rd gets the internal upgrades that the Iphone 3GS got as well, but not so much external.

Jailbreaking: basically allows you to do more, like PSP homebrew, or NDS flash carts. Recommended if you want to install more stuff. Below is jailbreaking using blackra1n, seems to be the most common way at the moment (extremely easy too).

1. Download this:

2. Have your iTouch or iPhone connected to your computer via the USB charging/data cable

3. Run blackra1n and wait for reboot. Done. (don’t touch anything in iTunes)

4. Afterwards, run blackra1n on your iPod/Phone and install Cydia

Important note: whenever you reboot your iPod, you’ll need to run blackra1n again.

Appsync 3.1.2 (or whatever FW is available): this allows you to install cracked apps. You will need to jailbreak again because appsync reboots your device after install.

Cydia: an application that searches its own online database for apps, downloads, and installs it on your Ipod. Most of the popular ones are on there, and is continually uploaded by the developers themselves. This is basically like a free jailbroken app “store”. You are supposed to also add sources that would serve as the database for these downloads, but I’m not too keen about that yet.

AppCake: add to the list of sources that Cydia uses, then search for AppCake. This application allows you to search, download, and install apps and games all without using the computer. As far as I’ve used it, it works like an internet browser in a way. If you manually download an .ipa file, it goes into /private/var/mobile/Media/AppCake/Upload, then you can install it using the Task tab / Archive list in AppCake.

Edit: I AM CURRENTLY USING INSTALLOUS. You can also try install0us, some prefer this over AppCake. Read the guide here:

How to use install0us: httpWinterboard: changes themes easily.

Total commander + T-Pot plug-in: allows you to manually drag files into the Ipod’s directories with the USB cable; there are also alternatives, but haven’t looked into that yet. Tip: there might be times when you can’t copy a file into the iPod’s directory. You have to then set the folder’s properties to allow Read and Write from everyone else (code 777). By default, your directory is /var/root/Media.

OpenSSH: allows you to put files into the Ipod, and is the more common alternative for file moving. However, this is done by accessing your Ipod via another computer on the network using a FTP program, so the transfer speeds are not as fast as using the USB connection.

AnkiMini: SRS on the go, online sync and all.

Flashlight: self-explanatory.

Backgrounder: allows a frequently used app to run in the background for faster control and multitasking.

Categories: allows you to put apps into their own folders.

iFile: the definitive file browsing app.

Kotoba!: free Japanese dictionary app, available off the official app store.

SBsettings: allows you to access settings such as brightness, bluetooth, and wifi from an easy swipe at the top of the screen horizontally.


Honourable mentions


Here’s how to sync with Google Calendar.



Some good links

AppCake – iPhoneCake | iPhone游戏 软件 资源分享站点 – lots of stuff if you can sorta read Chinese… they always seem to have a larger supply of “illegal” games and apps anyways. They have uploaded almost every game you can find to tons of mirrors… props!

And for anything else Google or Ipodtouchfan forums would solve the case.’s forums are very decent as well for getting help.

List of repo’s for Cydia (sources):


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