Posted by: changheuk | January 31, 2010

A few things along the way

Theme of the week – Break Out!


Single just came out, instant Oricon #1, ordered a copy to break through 500,000 sales!

Anyhow that sorta relates to my topic.

In reference to a recent post by AJATT,, it is important to choose between success and immediate popularity. Sometimes you want to do the things you want to do, but you have social priorities. You go out with your friends, you procrastinate in order to meet a new girl or two, or you attend a party or something. You lose track of what you were supposed to be doing. In some ways, if you feel that your social life is hindering your true source of motivation and progress… then drop the former. They’re “replaceable". You don’t need to stall yourself for something unworthwhile. In the end, just do what you should and want to do.

This sounds unnecessary, but the things your friends say, sometimes might not be very pleasing. I know half of the efforts I do right now must be kept hidden, because they will be subject to scrutinization very easily. I’m doing things that perhaps aren’t very agreeable or prioritized. But I’ll do what I want.


On the extremist side of the mentality above, rests a very dark and gloomy attitude in life. I walk outside viewing everyone as dumb, stupid, and I avoid people socially. Its almost as if I’m transforming into Unabomber and going to live in the wilds without electricity and power because “the majority of the population is too retarded to survive in nature.” I guess your mind warps somewhat when you really want to pursue your own goals. I completely envy those who can balance everything right, maybe go day by day with a personality mask on, but as far as I know, I can’t balance.

Basically faced with one of the most challenging challenges I will be facing.

With a average of somewhere between 30-40% in my first undergrad year, then subsequently GPAs of 1.00, 1.69, 2.7, and 2.3, it might seem all too futile at the moment to try to aim for:

MCAT of 36Q +;

GPA of 3.6 +;

the top medical schools in the continent.


My belief is that life is worthless without goals.

Impossible, impossible. Words like these only make you think its undoable. Its such a pile of heavy bullshit that rests on the top of your head that eventually crushes all hopes of your own abilities. I say f**k that, break out, and lets get this party started.


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