Posted by: changheuk | February 1, 2010

iPod Touch update

Current theme:


Games folder contains a lot of games. I get most of them from Transfer the ipa file to your iphone using a program called Total Commander or SSH, then install using install0us. This method is in my previous post (jailbreak required of course).

My important apps are all on dashboard.

NetNewsWire – RSS reader.

Things – a to-do list, but doesn’t sync with Windows. Its awesome though, so I use it.

AnkiMini – flash cards.

Momento – jot down something you suddenly thought of. Your brain sneezes.

Alarm Clock – self explanatory.

A few other good discoveries include iFitness – contains lots of descriptions of workout exercises and such.


As for games, I have a crapload of games installed (60+). The few that I do touch are Air Hockey glow version, Doodle Jump (like Fall Down, but you make your guy jump on platforms, occasionally boosted by springs and such), Traffic Rush (get cars through the screen without crashing them), GTA Chinatown Wars (fun, great graphics), Coloseum (sort of like a tower defense game except you move around), and Flight Control (traffic rush but with planes).

I also recommend:

Guerrilla Bob – highly detailed, nice graphics. You run around and shoot stuff as … Guerrilla Bob.

Eveningstar – unique vertical scrolling shooter.

Project72 – a game made in 72 hours, but offers nice bright graphics. You are a spaceship trying to venture off as far into space as possible while your fuel goes down gradually.

NOVA – best FPS game right now.

Real Tennis

Obvious big titles such as Need For Speed, Assassin’s Creed, Asphalt 5.

The Settlers

Labryinth 2 – tilt your way to get a marble into a hole. Popular game.

Heard lots of good things about Zenonia as well. Its a RPG.

Oh and on the topic of Videos – a good program for converting movies to watch on your iPhone is ipodME. Its free and simple. Xilisoft iPhone video converter is also decent because it actually works and is user-friendly.


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