Posted by: changheuk | February 8, 2010

Can't prove this consistency… yet

There seems to be something wrong with my consistency in doing well in school. There’s still that “I do well when I slack” and “I suck when I actually try hard” syndrome going on.

Especially this linear algebra midterm, there was a big discrepancy. I thought I’d easily score a 80+… for SURE, but I ended up getting a 63. Studied? Check. Practise? Check. Hell, we were even allowed to have a cheat sheet. I did do better than average, but that doesn’t mean jack. The average around me isn’t even close to what I’m aiming for.

There was a high of 101%. What? How do some people get that high. They have no lives? They pay superior attention in class and manage to link everything together?

I was thinking that my full power would bring about easy 80+’s this time, especially when I’m only taking 3 courses. I’m aiming for a realistic goal, like 80+ average even when I take 6-7 courses. It needs to be done. Humans are born to tackle adversity. God gives us trials and challenges so that we can overcome them.


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