Posted by: changheuk | February 9, 2010

Random rants

Fast drivers that are impatient with my “slow” driving.

There’s a lot of cops on the street. I’ve had a ticket, and getting another would put me in shit.

So why the hell do these random people think I’m slow? I’m driving at 60-70 normally. That’s 10-20 over limit

So why do some people think its normal to drive 90 in a 50 zone? Do they have that much balls? Is the probability of getting an excessive $400 speeding ticket to low to care?

I actually hear a lot of guys my age getting their license suspended. Perhaps it illustrates my point – some people think its cool to go over speed limit on risky terms just to look cool. Okay…

But anyhow, it just pisses me off that I’m going fast, and they’re going faster. Sometimes I think I’m a slow driver. But whenever I get pissed off and try driving at 80 or 90 or whatever in a 50 zone, my conscience tells me that if I get caught I’m fucked. It’d be stupid.

So do other people just have so much balls in general or what? Am I just a pussy?


Oh and, what the hell do you do to merge? Last time I went there, I didn’t stop, just went straight through. I then realized… there is no stop size, there is practically no lane for merging purposes… is this a joke? Am I suppose to just run into the lane and hope I don’t crash?

If you look closely, the lane I’m merging on is part of what is ending a bus stop lane. So I think there aren’t any oncoming cars there usually, but I’m still quite dubious. Bad designs. Or maybe I just haven’t accumulated enough experience in WTF situations. Here is one of the them.


This picture might prove useful, at least its something I’ve never thought of before.


I also really hate this bloody turn (red path).

First of all, you have to make it through two lanes of cars (rightmost “!”).

Second, its very hard to judge whether the cars on the lane you’re trying to turn to are on the left turn lane or not. I’ve mistakened that at least once and had a very big confusion going on in the middle of the road. In short, I was pretty much getting sandwiched by the two “!”‘s.

And its quite hard to see (I dare repeat again) whether the cars denoted by the question mark are on the question mark lane or the left turn lane. My head is undoubtedly full of question marks when trying to turn.

So I guess i’ll adopt a quick dirty strategy from now on. As long as there are no cars coming from the right in the picture, I’ll drive to the safe position that the car in the picture is in. But I’ll have to hug the island a bit more, because a left turner would have trouble left turning if I’m in his way. Basically put, I’ll have to shift the red arrow path drawn above to the right a bit more.


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