Posted by: changheuk | March 3, 2010

Got my Snowball mic!

As some of you know I have deep interest in singing, but I was lacking a good microphone to record myself with. In other words, my voice sucks to a degree that I would need a higher-quality microphone to make it sound better. To prove my point, some of Jay Chou’s audio demos make him sound around the level of your average karaoke singer, but when you surround him with expensive and nice equipment, he sounds like a real singer :). The only exception might be Gackt or DBSK, they can sing fine while without any external equipment…




I’ll post some recordings after I practise with my vocal manuals a bit, probably will still sound horrible at the moment..



  1. I see wind crest

    stop trying to demerit jay chou to ur level!

    tryin to be good at things!

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