Posted by: changheuk | March 3, 2010

There seems to not be enough time

Perhaps its one of the first times in a long while that I’ve pushed myself to work, and as a result there starts to feel like I don’t have time to mess around on Youtube or some Wikipedia article anymore. I am only taking 3 courses, so I will need to squeeze my studying and reviewing methods to their extent, so that I can handle 6 in the future without any loss in performance.

I currently propose that I commit to these things:

Read 100 pages a day of some book

Learn a new Rubiks Cube algorithm

Memorize 2 lines or so of a song (this hasn’t been going that well)

Go to the gym every other day (this has been consistent for a few weeks so far, but is very prone to failure with school in the way, so I’m hypothesizing to go before school starts)

Caught up with school, pre-read around 2-3 sections or a chapter (doesn’t have to be in great detail or else I would have a hard time paying attention in class to something I seemingly know)

Learn 10 words or so of Japanese a day, optimally I should be active learning for around an hour, and spending most of my other breathing moments thinking or listening… this is hard as well

And soon I will be introducing: Singing practice, badminton practice. At the end of the line, perhaps its Forex time again. Whatever happened to that 3 hour of MCAT-prep per day? *Shudder* Now put a girlfriend on top. Good-bye free time. Probably very important to get the side/little developments you wanted up to speed first, so that it becomes a breeze to incorporate it in your schedule on-and-off-later. The most essential phase for consistency development is definitely enforcing a HABIT within your self-discipline regulatory system.

Suggestions for improvement:

Check blogs and news once or twice per day. Don’t digress. I think keeping on task sometimes burns energy a lot, and there’s also only so much time of concentration you can have before you just feel like lying down for a nap.

No afternoon naps. Doze on the chair instead, this usually rejuvenates the eyes and brain in less than 10 minutes.

Reinforce a more organized method of learning. Don’t take the same notes 5 times, don’t make yourself go through piles of paper to look for some specific example or question.

Consistency + raising the bar. 10 words of Japanese will not get me up to par in any time soon. But if I can keep it a habit, then it will be like going from lifting a 10-lb dumbbell to lifting a 15-lb dumbbell. Easy and refreshing. Ha-ha.

Seemingly unpreventable problems: socializing, interruptions from parents, simply losing motivation, etc.

One of the most imminent and disastrous problems that might appear soon is burnout. You wonder why you’re pursuing so many skills at once. Something on the high priority list such as academics might drop like a bomb on your unsuspecting self-esteem one day, and cause you to panic and drop every other activity. In due time, lets say a month, one would end up forgetting like a hundred vocabulary and 20 pounds of lifting power. Setbacks, setbacks, setbacks. Just go consistently and don’t stall.


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