Posted by: changheuk | March 5, 2010

Driving road test

Allow me to simplify things for those who are going to take the BC class 5 road test.

– 40 ish minutes in length
– brief highway, know how to merge and exit
– most important things to do: no rollover stops/stopped beyond the marked line, stay as close as possible to speed limit, full-on full-head rotation shoulder checks, school zone
– probably won’t need to know parallel parking
– back-in parking at the end
– always both hands on the wheel, pay attention to how you grip your wheel as you turn (no inverse grips)
– if you are 2nd in line for turning left, don’t stick your car out beyond the stop line, in case you don’t have time to turn and need to stay in the intersection for another light change
– watch out for tricky speed zones, because it might be 60 but you think its 50
– don’t forget your 360s and signalling

Other than that good luck!
But yes, whenever the examiner writes something, then you know you’ve made a mistake…


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