Posted by: changheuk | March 7, 2010

Movies to check out if you're bored or need something to watch

1. Summer Wars


Synopsis: Kenji is a nerdy high school-er who has a slight crush on Natsuki, the prettiest girl in the school. Natsuki invites Kenji to her feudal-styled large clan house for “part-time”, which is really pretending to be her boyfriend for 4 days. Kenji himself is so smart that he almost represented Japan for the math Olympiad team. On the first night, he gets a 2056-number code on his cell phone, and decides to crack it for fun. Little does he know that he just helped someone of ill-will to breach the Oz’s security. The Oz is an internet-like network that connects more than just computers, but cell phones, televisions, infrastructures – you name it. It is then that the chaos starts, and Kenji needs to find his way to defeat the evil that is causing chaos among the internet (and consequently in the real world as well).


The internet looks like this. Sort of like Sims or PS3’s Home or Megaman Battle Network (just a bit more realistic). A lot of the world’s infrastructure, including  the sewers, telecommunications, etc. is linked and all done here. Realistic meaning aside from the fact that adults are travelling around in cyberspace as cute little avatars, it is perfectly imaginable that the internet be linked to everything in our lives in the future.


Here’s the internet getting messed up by a huge hacking A.I. that is the main antagonist of the story.


The main character in the green polo, along with one of the internet’s best “martial artists” (the tanned kid in the  beater – an antisocial kid in real life) battling the A.I. hacker with the help of Natsuki’s family’s resources (huge supercomputer behind them).

Definitely worth the watch. Doesn’t rely on too much cartoonish references but delivers a fun, action-packed story suitable for everyone.

1.4 GB version:
MU: part 1, part 2

Movie: MU | MF part 1 | MF part 2 | MF part 3 | MF part 4 | MF part 5

Subtitles: MF

2. The Great Happiness Space


My own summary: not a story, but a documentary about male hosts working in Minami district of Osaka. These guys are at the top of the game, and make over 100k salaries (not Yen) with ease (the main character, Issei-san, makes upwards of $50k per MONTH). But what follows is a rather melancholic, philosophical, and deep journey into what they really think, and the burdens that come with their glamorous profession. Very thought-provoking. Well worth the watch. What’s more amusing is I have a friend of similar looks and character, but this Issei-san is like a Super-Saiyan version…


Password: luelinks

3. The Man from Earth

Professor John Oldman has a farewell party with colleagues. One thing leads to another, and he claims he is a 14,000 year old CAVEMAN. Is he really what he claims?

Do not watch this movie with other people or in a distracted environment. You need a good attention span and understand of various things as well (terms like Sumerian, Pagan, Jesus… oh wait not the last one).

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