Posted by: changheuk | March 28, 2010

Oblique Deck

A good tool to push yourself out of a mental slump.

Take your time write now and write down some of the scenarios where you feel really crappy or demotivated. Now pose a good counter-answer to push yourself out of it. Though if you’re feeling like crap while you’re reading this right now, then it is rather hard to do.

An example from mine is:

Damn, why can’t I make myself do well.
– Well you haven’t done enough yet, stick to what your real self is capable of  doing instead and stay consistent.

The point is to stimulate yourself properly. The depression usually takes too long a time to fade, and it really does cost a lot of valuable time.

Something else you can considering doing, which I find helps loads everytime is:

Watch a good movie or drama or TV or comedy show. Almost always works.


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