Posted by: changheuk | March 29, 2010

Gantz 316

The scanlation isn’t out I believe, so I’ll use my dysfunctional Japanese to translate this.

The chosen people (I’m guessing the Gantz team?). Their might transcends even the distance between the stars.

*Too pixelized to read the top part…

?! That’s right! That guy!

A warrior-like tribe!! (or in literal terms, man of valor)

Sound: Zunnn…

More Zunnnn…

Ahh… damnit!!!

“Ahh! That’s right, being only ______ is good! (word too pixelized -_-)”


(wow another big arm Gantz guy lol)

Katou: Damnit!

Kei: *fuu*…

Forgot-his-name: waaa

Forgot-his-name-again: waaaaaAAAAaaaa

In the background: more waaaAAaaa-ing

Sound: Gyuuun

Waaahhhhh in the background

Forgot-his-name: “haa..haa..haaa (panting)”

“Tonkotsu (the cute girl he’s going out with), DEFINITELY!!”

Can be translated to mean “TONKOTSU!!!!! I’LL DEFINITELY SURVIVE AND COME BACK!!!”

Lots of damn and ahh-ing

Among the masses of little “bugs”, there is only one person looking back.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t translate a language I suck at and can’t properly decipher the text half the time, XDD.


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