Posted by: changheuk | April 2, 2010

Love Exposure

Love Exposure, aka. Ai no Mukidashi.

A 4 hour film, yes FOUR hours, directed by Sion Sono of Suicide Club fame.

This is an epic movie. A protagonist highly adept at taking panty photos, his mentally affected priest father being dragged away from sanity by a passerby slut. And her stepdaughter who happens to make the protagonist get the first hard-on in his life. All accompanied by Beethoven Symphony No. 7 Allegrotto, Raven’s Bolero, and whatnot.

The synopsis doesn’t do the movie any justice. This movie is more like a narration by the main character, a regular high schooler living with his dad, of how his life transforms, and his “miracle” – meeting his own Maria. To be honest, I didn’t really want to watch the movie after sensing its going to be full of bullshit anyways. But the outstanding ratings and reviews told me to give it a try. After all, if a lot of other people have liked it, I probably would too.

And I did. Love Exposure is quite different from your standard movie. Its full of Japan-WTF, but not in a sense that it will bore you. Most of the movie is quite realistic, until a bit of gore starts appearing and you really wonder how a brainwashed religious cult can exist in modern society. Overlooking some obvious exaggerations, this 4 hour movie will make time seem to pass slow and leave you wanting for more.

I generally have very low tolerance for bullshit – that is why I do not watch idol dramas that reuse the same idols for every series (and half of them can’t act), comedy that appeals to a very small percentage of the population, etc. But this movie is an exception. Its worth watching.

There is a bit of violence, a little over the top but easily acceptable… I actually say the most disturbing part was when the psycho girl cut off his dad’s penis for fun. But nothing nasty shows up, so don’t worry.

So watch it now, and watch it undisturbed for 4 freaking straight hours.


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