Posted by: changheuk | April 2, 2010

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Easily one of the best animated movies I’ve seen this year. Actually, its around the same as Summer Wars. I liked both A LOT… they’re one of a kind animated movies that bring you into this world of fantasy. Something that real-action movies are incapable of doing.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (don’t read the Wikipedia plot, spoilers are contained) is about a clumsy normal high school girl who one day, as she is riding her bike down the road to school, discovers the brakes are malfunctioning. The road gets very steep here, and what do you know, a train is approaching at full speed. She is unable to stop her bike, crashes into the train, and dies (no, this isn’t a spoiler).

But she discovers she has leapt through time to before this has happened somehow. She isn’t dead anymore. What’s more, she is able to undo her other clumsy actions of the day, such as flipping a piece of cabbage into the frying pan by accident and causing a small fire during cooking class, or getting crashed into by a guy wrestling with his friends during lunch time. But are these actions really doing her good? Or are they just putting the unfortunate fate on someone else?

This is a movie that is WELL WORTH your time.

The ending is also one of the reasons why. I obviously won’t spoil.


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