Posted by: changheuk | May 15, 2010

Jay Chou – 跨時代

After a long wait of over eighteen months, Jay Chou finally releases his 10th album!
Or just about to anyway; much of the songs have been leaked online already.

Brief Review

To be honest, not a very powerful album. Very few songs worth listening to, and the few that are aren’t really breakthroughs either. Guess Jay Chou is too focused on stuff like Pandaman and Green Hornet. I say leave that crap behind, and concentrate on the music. Change isn’t always good; his hair doesn’t change, so why should his music?

The only songs worth listening to are #2 Shuo le zai jian and #10 Chao ren bu hui fei. They aren’t new formulas, but #2 is powerful in conveying an emotional message across and isn’t that hard to sing (top note is G#). #10 is Jay Chou’s own rant about how he can’t be expected to do everything (a superman) even though he is Mandopop’s top artist. #7 is okay I guess, maybe #3. But be warned – there are some bad songs in there.


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