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How to get better at League of Legends, simplified



Don’t rage. Just don’t.

Learn to play and understand all champions

Follow guides (I like the top rated ones on for skill and item builds

-Challenge yourself – no A.I., fuck-around games

– Play 5v5, that’s what the game wascentred around

– learn to play top solo (tanky), mid solo (AP nuker), jungle (ganky tanky), bot DPS (attack damage heavy), and bot support (no killing creeps, warding, money-generating items)

1. Learn to play all types of champions:

– carry: ones that deal lot of damage, become exponentially stronger late game. I don’t know if LoL has such a term, because champions don’t tend to scale as much as in Dota. But some strong examples are DPS (damage per second) champions such as Ezreal, Ashe, Pantheon, Tristana to name a few. Vayne and Ashe always seem decent. You should go bottom lane.

– support: healers basically, such as Soraka or Taric. Edit: at the moment, Sona is damn good. I like Soraka and Shen. Go bottom lane and ward the river so that you don’t get your ass ganked.

– tanks: ones that can take a beating and initiate. Amumu, Shen, and Rammus are good examples. These guys usually are top or jungling

– nukers, preferably with CC (Crowd Control), such as Morgana (in fact she doubles as a tank or support in many cases), Janna, Ryze, etc. Mid lane solo.

– pushers: Heimerdinger, Sivir, Alistar to name a few. I guess Heimer is also a nuker in some sense, and Sivir is a carry in some sense. But basically champions that can push down towers Not as popular anymore, just make sure your team has ranged heroes…

– initiators in general: Blitzcrank Edit: the initiator should usually be a tankish sort of champion, or have good range. He’ll need to go in the fight and not get knocked out in 0.5 seconds.

Pick based on your team if you want to win. If you see everyone pick like Yi, Sivir, Ashe, then just dodge the queue. You most likely won’t win.

Having a tank + support will help you win more games.

For recommendations of champions, check out this tier list by Elementz:

TLDR; know which champions are considered good by pros right now, learn to play all the roles

2. Pick the right summoner spells.

Good ones: Exhaust, Ghost, Teleport, Cleanse, Clarity, Ignite, Clairovoyance, Flash.

Ignore the rest; smite is good for jungling champions though.

Edit: You can never go wrong with Ghost + Flash. Helps to save your own sorry ass if you care about your score.

3. Learn to last hit. Probably one of the most important concepts.

Last hitting means you don’t attack creeps for no reason. You only attack when they are about to die, with a silver of health left. Sometimes you’ll be having a tough lane, so you might even have to spam your primary nuke to kill them from a distance. Yes it sounds like a waste, but if you get outfarmed a lot in the first 10 minutes, you’re going to be underlevelled and will be at a major disadvantage later on.

4. Don’t play too aggressive unless you know what you’re doing.

5. Call MIA or miss whenever a champion from your lane is not there. He might be off ganking your teammates. Easiest way to piss off your teammates? Not calling MIA or MISS. Call it EVERY SINGLE TIME. Use the PING button, I think Alt+G? Not sure. But better safe than sorry.

6. Be useful in teamfights.

This is the most crucial part. Fights only last for seconds, at most 10-15 seconds. What you do in that small time frame will turn the tides for the team.

So when do you go in a fight? Given that you didn’t get picked out first, if you’re the tanky one, you go in first. You want the enemy team to hit you, so that your damage burst teammates can do their stuff. Don’t fight at enemy tower, try to have good positioning, or simply wait for the enemy team to make a positioning error first (e.g. one of the enemies stupidly comes forward by himself without supports)

If you’re a fragile nuker or DPS, then you go in right after your tank does, sometimes even going in last. You aim for the enemy support or fragile players, with the most fed enemy player as first priority. Keep note which of your enemies have escape mechanisms; go for the ones that can’t get away.

Try not to aim for the tank. Yes he’ll be in your face, but don’t aim for him. Try to go in the fight from another route so you can rape the enemy team carry’s face.

Timing is very important. Mess up the timing a little, and you’ll find that you and your teammate’s health will start dropping quick, and the formation will disperse and scatter. Then usually what happens is one of you get chased down and die, and another one of you decide to turn back and help, and die as well.

Recognize that fights seem like a blur. You’ll really have to watch your own HP somehow while keyboard spamming and right clicking the guy you want to kill. Keep your fingers on your skill buttons, spam them at the lower-HP or weaker-defence enemies ASAP.

7. Know your enemies, play different champions. Don’t play the same champion every game if you’re learning the ropes. By playing different champions, you will know what your enemies are capable of, and what your teammates can do.

8. Right after you pull off a successful fight, immediately try to push down at least one turret. Bringing turrets down gives your teammates gold and money, and can pressure the enemy team into having play defensive and giving your team ganking freedom. Though you should check the death timer by pressing TAB to see how soon your enemies will revive. Note that it takes them another 5-10 seconds to walk out from their fountain. Sometimes, you’ll want to get dragon or baron.

9. Always make use of the weeds and shadows (fog of war).

10. If your team is not doing well, play turtle. Meaning, play defensive and wait for your damage dealing teammate to farm up. Having a Heimerdinger on your team will help this strategy out a lot. However, the game will becoming quite annoying and boring for the enemy team. Oh well. Tell the feeding guy on your team to stop exploring. Buy some wards and put them in your jungle.

11. Be aware of your enemy’s skill and attack range, aka. ZONING. If you’re killing minions around enemy turret, be aware of the turret range as well. Knowing your own range helps you to harass, as well as avoiding getting harassed. For example, standing too near an enemy Xin Zhao and a Sion by yourself guarantees your own death.

12. Map awareness – sometimes its not hard to tell where an enemy might be given they are not on the map, and you’re a bit too far into the enemy side in your own lane with 25% HP. They’re most likely going to come for you. Likewise, if you don’t see anyone on the map, don’t go exploring by yourself.

13. Play pussy if you have to. By this I mean don’t just stand around in a teamfight doing nothing, but go in, then go out. If they try to chase you, your teammates will take care of it. Just don’t walk in and continue fighting until you die. Even if you’re the tank, know when to back. I usually try to keep my eyes on the formation of my teammates so I instinctively know when is the best time for me to go in or out.

14. Don’t get greedy. Sometimes just because you get to kill 1 player, you and your teammate end up dying, which might not be worth it. Maybe only if the target has like a 1000G bounty on his head. Otherwise, its always best to die as least as possible.

15. Learn item builds. Don’t buy the same items against every single team. If you’re a tank, you need to know what your enemies are – are they more physical or more magical? Consider items like Banshee’s Veil as well. Sometimes you’ll need armor, sometimes you’ll need more magic resist. Depends, so don’t get stuck to one build.

Usually, you can’t really go wrong with the suggested item build in-game. Personally, I just go on mobafire and check the top-rated guide for the hero I’m playing when game starts.


Some more useful tips since the time I made the post:

If you’re an angry little teenager, stop reading. Now if you actually want to have fun, I think it takes a bit of leadership and responsibility on your part to make sure your team has fun and has a possibility of winning. This means you don’t flame and insult your teammates whenever they do something wrong. We all do mistakes. The internet is just so much easier for the nasty side of everyone’s personalities to come out on an ego trip.

Look at it this way. Does hurting each other’s self-esteem REALLY do anything to help you win? I don’t think so. It’s helpful to remind your teammates if they’re doing something wrong, but no one likes to be looked down on.

Oh, and I really hate those faggots that say ‘gg’ within the first 10 minutes if the game doesn’t go well. Look, unless you’re losing 1-10, it isn’t “GG” yet. You don’t gain anything by thinking you’re going to lose, it just shows your immaturity give-up mentality.

If you really want to get better, go play 5V5 ranked with a friend. You will be forced to play more carefully, and follow the “pro metagame” more, meaning there has to be a solo top, a solo mid, a jungle, and a support+dps bot lane.



  1. Thanks! Love it.

  2. That was very useful information, thank you.

  3. Thank You!! It helped alot

  4. Thanks alot! This helped me, I guess it mostly re enforced what I kinda knew already but I deffinetly learned some. I gave only done erl with ashe. If you have any more advice about branching out to new characters I would be forever in your debt

    • If your aim is to get better, you should check out element’z tier list, I’m not sure if there’s a better tier-list out there, but I trust it since the author is a pretty pro player.

      What you get out of learning to play the “better” champions is that you’ll probably be more consistent. For example, there’s champions like Morgana and Lux. They’re a little similar, having a snare, offensive abilities, as well as a shield. Yet the problem with Lux is, all her skills are pretty much skill-shot, requiring aim and more skill to land. Morgana, on the other hand, seems to have an easier time landing her Q-snare skill, and her R (ultimate) basically can’t miss.

      So who is the better champion to play if your life depended on it? Most likely Morgana, because more efficiency and success rate in getting the job done – dealing damage.

      Same deal with Annie and Anivia. If you lag a bit of Anivia, you’re not going to land your stun. Annie, on the other hand, just requires you have casted 4 or was it 5? spells and then your next one will stun FOR SURE, plus Annie isn’t skill-shot. Anivia does have a useful ice-wall skill, so that would be up for debate, but Annie is definitely more noob-friendly.

      Just some examples ^.

      Don’t spend time playing shitty champions, there’s quite many of them out there.

  5. Thanks for the advice.^ And I really like your last msg there about ragers. :’] Im a new player and I was raged at really badly, and I felt really bad. But luckily I was also playing with two other friends, and they told the random dude to back off.

  6. “Unless you’re losing 1-10, it isn’t ‘GG’ yet.”
    Funny, I’d argue that even if you’re losing 1-10, it’s not over… In fact, I just lost a game in ranked not two hours ago, and my team was up 24-3. We just didn’t capitalize on the early game, they had champs for end game. It’s all just how you play.

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