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Simple things make me happy.

I’m an avid badminton player and spectator (on Youtube that is… :(), and this is my first time seeing one of the best players in the world, Taufik Hidayat, in person. He is the best Indonesian men single’s player (ranked top 5 in the world), and possesses probably the strongest backhand of any player, and is known for actually using the backhand smash from time to time in games. He is the Olympic 2004 Athens Gold winner in men singles. Didn’t get to take a picture with him though!

But of course nothing compares to this:

Even if its just an acknowledgement of my late application,

I’m happy enough.

More than anything else I would ever need.

Would be great to start over in a place where no one (except my relatives) knew me, eh?

All my choices are Engineering, and CUHK’s is well-respected in Hong Kong. They also have some powerful alumni – Nobel and Fields winners.

3 year program, no first year general physics chemistry and math bullshit.



  1. Talk about really weird coincidence. I actually live in CUHK (Well, as the son of a professor who teaches there). What are the chances that I there’s someone applying to CUHK who has heard of AJATT, played DotA-like games, and even hold a thread of depth as a person (in your case, you are deeper than most I’ve ever met). Err anyway, I just wanted to say that I guess. I’m not planning to go to CUHK myself when University application time comes. I’m not going to give you any of the bullshit near-sighted encouragement like “Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get in!” but I do hope you do get in. At least on your blog you can keep being who you are, and it’s important to never forget one’s true self for fucked up social relations of false politeness and what-not. Anyway, Hong Kong food is awesome (coming from a person who’s lived there for 14 years and actually doesn’t like the majority of Chinese food, ironically).

  2. Hey Flamerokz, I am really glad someone actually finds my blog on the net and shares similar interests with me. I am practically the only person I know who has really adopted the AJATT methodology. I’ve been studying for around 2 years now, but sadly I have been starting and stopping, and whats more funny is I actually haven’t spoken Japanese to any native or any person yet! At times I feel like knowing Japanese doesn’t mean a crap, I mean, there’s subtitles everywhere. Thankfully, I can at least sort of understand the written portion quite well, such as some shounen manga. Listening wise, I am hopeless. I do listen to songs frequently though. Thank god I’m Chinese and I have a Kanji headstart.

    I think DotA set me back a lot in school, and I’ve recently changed to League of Legends now, and have also bought Starcraft II. “LoL” is easier to learn, and more of a friendly community compared to DotA.

    Having a father as a professor is really neat. Maybe if I do get to go back, we can chat sometime! haha

  3. Likewise, great to find your blog! I finished RtK Volume 1 some few weeks ago so I only recently got into the sentences portion of it. Being Chinese and having lived in HK for all my life until I went to the states for high-school (boarding), not even knowing at least Cantonese spoken fluently attracts a lot of weird looks. Well, I was raised in a way to ensure that English was my primary language, and according to “how-to-really-learn-a-language”-type blogs as a kid I would eventually have shut out Cantonese since virtually all of my right-in-my-face interactions were in English. So I have a very shaky understanding of Cantonese with virtually no output ability, but eh, that’s just how it happened (I’ve actually gotten shit from an American guy in my school about it.. Seems a bit unwarranted in my opinion but that guy was a moron anyway).

    On the plus-side, I guess my English comprehension abilities are fairly strong; the way I see it, I would have more trouble achieving this level of English comprehension as opposed to the equivalent in Japanese or Cantonese had I ended up bilingual, or even monolingual Cantonese.

    I can relate with the whole sometimes learning Japanese feels unnecessary. I get into slumps at times. However, I decided that all my life I’ve more or less been attracted to Japanese culture even in my pre-Anime/Manga awareness phases (I have cherished childhood memories associated with some of Nintendo’s classic titles, sigh Wii), and that Japan was probably the most comfortable place I would feel living in for cultural reasons (or rather, otaku reasons ahahaha). So I decided that I would go live and work there – jeez, now I’m starting to sound like Danny Choo!

    Anyway, without digressing too much further into my background, I too feel rather alone in my interests among the friends I have in real life. My friends in America have given me looks as if I were crazy to make friends on the internet, as if it’s somehow really that strange, when the internet allows me much easier accessibility to those who share my interests!

    Ahaha I hope I’m not boring you.

    My Japanese at the moment would probably be stronger speaking/listening-wise than reading/writing-wise since I had watched Anime for a good 3 years before that, with English subs. I’ve grown to learn to watch without subs, and only absolutely use them when desperate to know what’s going on – I find many of the anime titles as of recent are very poor, relying on really generic, banal, trite sort of scenarios.

    Yeah I’m honestly writing this off the top of my head.

    Last thing I guess I have to mention, is that today I went to the gym with my dad after the work-day for my office job (internship) was over. Some time while we were there there were actually two Japanese women who went in to do the rowing-machine/whatevers. Hearing two native Japanese speakers talking to each other in real life is so surreal haha, being a person who’s only real exposure has been through forms of media entertainment. Certainly an odd experience for me anyway. I also picked up the most random words listening to them, like 凄い, 見たくない, and 中国. My Japanese knowledge as you can infer consists mostly of the most common phrases.

    Anyway, I should really stop rambling on and on. If you have WLM/MSN or something I’d love to add you as a contact to talk to you on there as well. The email entered for posting this comment is my WLM address (but no longer a real email, my first comment was entered with my real email though).

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