Posted by: changheuk | September 22, 2010

Emotional investments

They’re bad. They’re what cause depression, bad days, mood swings.

Basically, if you weren’t emotionally invested, your days would go a lot smoother. Feel free to be happy, but avoid being sad or angry. When something bad happens, brush it off and ask yourself “So what? Everything’s just fine.” Using these principles, I fought off a week with extremely bad karma (car towed, then the battery died on next day and required remote assistance) and rebounded strongly during the weekend. Now I’m feeling better than ever. So keep your emotions in check, and make sure they work for you. Your emotional control, or as some call it EQ, can make a big difference in how successful you are over a long period of time. Everyone has similar IQ anyways. With good EQ, you will feel better, make better choices, explore new opportunities – the possibilities are endless. What good does life bring if everything seems so dark and futile? Nothing.


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