Posted by: changheuk | November 28, 2010

Why I chose Android over Iphone

Because I am a nerd and a geek.

There is really no better Operating System (OS) in my opinion. They’re both user-friendly, fast, and good at what they’re doing, but for the masses, the iOS is definitely more intuitive. For any slightly technologically “advanced” user, the Android might be the better pick.

For me at least, I liked the iPod more. I am used to it, it works, and its what got Apple back into the whole market. I also like the larger database of apps (more useful ones anyway) and the fact that the iPhone could go much longer on a full battery charge.

But what the Android did to make my decision is its customization options. I liked the Android homescreen, the ability to choose from many widgets, make it pretty, and have everything displayed in front of you, where you want it.

I am lazy to take screenshots, but basically on my main homescreen I’ll have my to-do-list. This is simply the most important thing for me; the most I can do with iOS is have a ToDo app, and maybe have my Google Calendar send me notifications here and there. But it is just so easy for me to forget it. I need to have it in-my-face. Android can do this. I’m sure iOS can with further tweaks, such as messing with the lockscreen or whatever, but Android is actually easier to customize in this aspect. The app I use is called GTasks.

And well you got Swype too. Iphone has a good touch keypad, but I still hit the wrong keys here and there. Swype feels less brain-demanding when I need to type a long word and I know I’m most likely not going to have to respell it or make a typo. Feels good.



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