Posted by: changheuk | January 13, 2011

Food for thought

Consider that what you are doing right now to help yourself improve is not the right method.

Maybe there are other important variables that could cause more dramatic changes in your lifestyle.

I shall propose a few of them:

Energy management: sleep a full sleep – meaning that you do not feel screwed when you wake up in the morning. Do take a nap whenever you feel necessary (5-10 minutes just for refreshment).

Bladder management: I myself usually go to the washroom later when I’m supposed to go. I believe having a full bladder causes a bit more anxiety and discomfort. Try to go earlier.

Productivity: Instead of focusing on productivity, focus more on concentration and consistency. I spend a lot of my time trying to create this perfect combination of Google Calendar, Tasks, Springpadit, and maybe a handwritten to-do-list so I can become completely organized but so far it hasn’t worked, simply because I forget to check. Either keep things in your head or keep it simple. Instead of seeking alternate sources for understanding the textbook material, just read the textbook chapter 2-3 times.



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