Posted by: changheuk | February 16, 2011


Take some time off the computer, off mind-boggling work, and just sit in a quiet, relaxing spot, free from immediate distractions.

And think. Don’t over-complicate, just think. Try to detach yourself from the present, from social norms, from the emotions attached to any recollections or memories.
Let your mind roam free. What do you want to do? What should you be doing? How can I improve?

That’s right. How can you better yourself at this very specific moment?

Relax, step back, think outside the box.

We spend too much time caught up in our daily lives. Piles and stacks of things to do, errands to run, deadlines to meet, tests to study for, etc, etc, etc…

How often do you get to really let go and think without disturbances anyways?


Let your life be in the present, forget about becoming something unrealistic, forget about comparing to others… you are you, and right now, this moment, is the life you are living. You can better yourself, but you cannot become better than others. Because you aren’t an “other”.




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