Posted by: changheuk | February 18, 2011

What is life about

If you haven’t been intoxicated with a mind that constantly bothers you, do not read on.

Otherwise, prepare to witness my pains.


So what is life really about?

As a man, is it my duty to try to suppress my emotions and weaknesses whenever possible, because thats what men are supposed to do, and live a life being afraid to face their own weak side?

Do I really care about being better than others? Do I care that there are so many peers on my level, that I must eventually defeat and overcome to ascend to a higher level?

And what is that higher level? Earning more money, more responsibilities?

Isn’t success relative anyway? Is there really a global standard of success, say if you earn more than 200k a year?

If life wasn’t about money, then is it about happiness? What if a McDonalds worker is much happier making double cheeseburgers all day long, and doesn’t give an absolute crap what his job and status is compared to the rest of society? Is he living a more successful life than a constantly stressed out CEO who lacks time with his family, time to really seek out what he is passionate about, and isn’t really at a moderate mood level most of the time?

Is there even a point to wonder about all this?

Isn’t it very dangerous to always sideline yourself and observe everything, when we should all just chase our dreams and passions and live our lives in our youth, and finally reminiscence it all in our old ages?

Is there a point to figuring out what our weaknesses really are, analyzing ourselves in full detail, fixing bad habits and encouraging new good ones, before finally embarking on our life’s journey, or is this just a farfetched, beyond idealistic type of idea that is not really accomplishable, because we live as who we are, and no matter how much we try to change and correct, we are ourselves and bounded to the fate we have been given? Lets forget about life being predetermined for a second because I too think that is a load of crap. But it is, on some levels, if no changes are induced. Do we constantly seek improvement in hopes of a better future or do we choose to live in the now, because it is only NOW that we can choose to change?

Answers I will spend my whole life trying to answer. And as a result, nothing will be enjoyed.


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