Posted by: changheuk | March 2, 2011

The a-lot-of-shit-does-not-matter theory

I’m not sure if there is an actual term for it, but the a-lot-of-shit-does-not-matter theory contains elements of simplicity and efficiency in it.

I apply the fundamentals of it on a daily basis, and some applications might actually be more bad than good.

Here are some examples to best prove the point:

Money is just a number. As long as you have enough to buy the things you want, the necessities, et cetera, the amount of money sitting in your bank does not matter. Whether it’d be a million or just a hundred thousand, it does not affect your daily life at all. You aren’t going to be a lot more successful just because you have more money. Yes, it does give a confidence boost but I think it is highly negligible. Yes, you feel a lot more secure about life when you don’t have to worry about paying off the bills and breaking the bank for the next payment, but insecurity can come in so many forms that I doubt financial matters are the ultimate root of that evil.


Throwing garbage in the garbage can. This is highly debatable. When I feel nice, I throw garbage in the garbage can. When I don’t, I throw it out the window when I’m driving. Sure, it is a very bad habit in the eyes of some. But someone is going to pick it up eventually. Someone who didn’t succeed in education and has to resort to working at a lower level in a society. I would not advocate throwing garbage out the window, nor would I influence someone to do it, but I personally think, for convenience’s sake, I do it anyway. But hey, how hard it is to walk to a garbage can right? Well sometimes the mind plays tricks on you and it appears to be too far off.


The next example is a bit more wishy-washy as well. Going to class. Just because you went to class and took notes and paid attention does not mean crap. The overall consistency of how well you can go to class AND review everyday counts, not just a bursted time of focus and concentration in class. So habits matter, not single instances. Though single instances are a good start of course.


Clothes. Being a self-conscious person, I feel that I must wear the right clothes or else I am going to suffer a bad day. Well obviously from an objective point of view, that is just absolute bullshit. I have, on good days, worn absolute crap of an outfit and felt more confident than ever, talking in a rich, commanding tone of voice, getting the point across, getting shit done, and having a great day. Its all just self-image. Look in the mirror, and see your inner-self, not your outer-self.


Which brings me to a brief digression – I hate girls that wear make-up. Its as if you’re just wearing a halloween costume everyday. That isn’t even the real you. They might be able to trick some people, but not me. I see right through it. I don’t analyze looks based on make up skills and the immediate impression it leaves me, I look at the aesthetic structures and combinations of facial features. I might be a weirdo like that, but I am shallow on a weird level. Oh by the way, despite all the hate for UGGS, I think tight black leggings and UGGS on a winter day is a fresh sight.


But shit does not matter. I do not check out women on the street, because I know that the woman I actually will mate with is the one I meet by self-produced initiation and the prowess of my inner game. Also a big component is unfortunately a bit of timing and luck. Meeting that girl by chance because a friend of yours brought her along for lunch. Did I just contradict myself? A small meeting like that, a small introduction, might get you the woman and sexual experience of your life.


Well sometimes shit does matter. You have to recognize it right. But in most cases, it doesn’t. Focus on the big picture.

Have a nice day.


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