Posted by: changheuk | March 6, 2011


These are the places where I used to see every single day as a little child.

Strong nostalgia.

Now that I wonder about it, even if I went back to my roots, and lived there, I’d still be another nobody.


Isn’t is so weird, strange, undescribable when you walk out of your house and look at your surroundings? Then you compare to a place where you used to live? Probably not a very strong contrast if you never lived in such a cluttered, populous, urban area as Hong Kong. The differences are mindblowing. There, you could walk to an extremely big mall that served as a hub for everyone in the local vicinity because of the connection to the subway station. Taking just a 10 minute ride on the subway you take you to another totally different area of Hong Kong, where it might be an industrial area, or a shopping district… everything changes so rapidly when you transcend a little distance, compared to here.

I drive 10 kilometres. Its still the same thing.

I don’t know if some times you can really say living in Vancouver, one of the world’s most livable cities, is really better. Its great for your health, great for your eyes (to see grass and blue skies), but for the individual who strives for a fast-paced life, its probably not the best place to live in.


And even now when I go back, I’m just another nobody. I would blend right in. What would I be doing? Can I even make any money? Do I have any skills?

Such as the irony of humans. We’re the most advanced species on Earth, yet it takes on average two decades to become a fully independent human that does not need to rely on parents anymore. Nowadays, its even longer. Whereas animals, from the very start, in a very short amount of time, can already fulfill their role in nature, without having to go through periods of confusion, doing nothing, wasting time.

Whenever I look upwards at the clear blue sky, I feel that I am connected to the world. I am looking at perhaps the same sky as those that are in Hong Kong are looking at. Yet everyone’s lives is so much different.

We are all meant to fulfill our own unique role in this society, and live out a specific purpose.

Where is mine, and how do I find it?


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