Posted by: changheuk | March 7, 2011

A beast [a personal thesis]

By becoming a beast, in a primal form, I will become a truly efficient human being.

I will be able to neglect my emotions, and seek my basic desires without any hesitation: food and sex.

Lesser desires: knowledge, territory, and maybe things such as money.

We live day to day in an inefficient fashion. We waste time, we get hung up on emotional problems, we doubt ourselves, we inquire about our own identity, we dwell on the past, we put faint hope in the future… in a way, paralysis by analysis.

In a man’s most primal form, he will only seek what he wants.

How do you become a beast?

You return to nature.

That isn’t really possible in the urban jungles that take up our habitat, so we can only work from the mind.

Control your mind. Stop being a slave to it. Blow it up. Seek extreme forms of exercise that bring about exhaustion to a level that you slowly feel like you are just an animal in the wild. Then you will naturally run and seek food.

You get horny. You will seek a woman to copulate with. Sometimes I think that life’s purpose is to find a good enough female to produce offspring with and then nurture said offspring into beings of power and dominance. Isn’t that the motivation behind everything we do?

Listen to your primal instincts and stop playing retarded games of mental chess just to get her to bend down.

Inside every single human being exists the primal beast. One which must be unleashed to realize one’s full potential.

We have to go backwards to go forwards.


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