Posted by: changheuk | March 7, 2011

A dream

I had a dream where I was working in a fictional Richmond Centre, across Pet Habitat. Everything looked different though.

I was having a normal break, it was around 1:30 PM. I was to go back to the store after flirting with some girl from another store during break time.

I went to the washroom first. It was a very strange washroom. It was very big, a ton of stalls, and there were doors for privacy but somehow the peeing stalls were all connected in a sense that I don’t know why there are doors.

The ceiling looked something like out of Richmond Public Market. If you lifted one of the ceiling tiles, you would see the clear sky. Except you can’t, since the washroom is underground.

I was peeing with my coworker, he finished earlier, and I saw a crazy white male that resembled a chipmunk looking rapist looking at me in the stall beside me. He was in his 60s, white hair, fat build. He proceeded to grope me. I fought back. He took out an orange cutter knife.

Somehow I used a technique I learned in one of those self-defense videos (Bas Rutten lol?) and knocked the knife out of his hand. A fight ensued. I stabbed him an odd 20 times.

I went back to work and apologized for my tardiness.




Why was I about to get raped by a man in the first place?

I am a man in a woman’s body. Thats why.

An ironic metaphor for what I am in the real conscious living world.


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