Posted by: changheuk | March 17, 2011

Being beta

I believe that one is beta simply whenever one is forced to take an alternate form of action then he originally intended (women cannot really be classified – all they want is an alpha male anyways).

Very simple – you are about to walk into someone. Whoever dodges or moves out of the way first is beta.

You might LOL and think… those are just manners.

I think not.

Manners are just an excuse to beta your way out.

If you are feeling dominant and aggressive, would you say Thank You or Sorry or Excuse me?

Fuck no!

Why do I need to be sorry or be excused?


While it is true that to function properly in everyday life, socially speaking that is, you need to be polite and have manners, I believe that if you have the balls to not give a fuck, then you will stand out. You will be respected by males more, and you will catch the eyes of females more.


Being beta is just a habit that you need to get rid of. Over time, being beta is a habit that accumulates. So I strongly urge anyone that wants to be a real dick to show their real selves. As long as you don’t aggravate others to the point of getting beat up or fired, then its alright. Being passive aggressive (swallowing down any rage and pretending to be fin) is the worst  thing you can do to yourself. If you don’t see fit, then speak up and stand up about it. You will feel a much stronger sense of self-esteem, confidence, and integrity.


What about to friends? To people who have gained your trust and have shown their worth, then we can put down the alpha spear once in a while. That does not mean being beta. If they piss you off, and its gone beyond the lines, then return fire. Not returning fire is mature sometimes, but when lines are crossed, then punish.

Still, it is worth your time being nice to friends and family. To anyone you don’t know, it is better to put up the alpha spear and shield up. Don’t smile, don’t fidget, look them straight in the eye until they cower away. Don’t give them any benefit until they have shown their worth. Being nice only makes others exploit you, that is the truth of the real world. This isn’t some fairy tale where at the end of the day you and some new found friends go happily hop around in some grass field with sunflowers and bouncing bunnies.

Life isn’t about bowing down to others, listening to others dictating you, and being a little dominated shrimp. Everyone was born to have an equal chance to rule the world.


Provoking question of the day:

Would you kill someone for 200,000 knowing you will ever get caught, except the victim’s family and friends will be sad?

Certainly not for 5000 right? But what if you knew he or she would do the same to you if given the chance? Then would you do it?


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