This is my blog, pretty much about nothing. I don’t keep up with current events much, nor am I an English major, so don’t expect any intellectual posts. In fact, a lot of my posts might fall on the emo side, some might even be found offensive. I just try to limit my ramblings to something more sensible and less bullshit, so please cope with that while you enjoy your stay here :).

A little about myself,

I’m a semi-introverted Chinese Canadian, seemingly multi-faceted guy in his early 20’s. Actually, I just turned 20 not too long ago, so I don’t want to make myself sound too old. Despite having been in Canada for over 15 years, I do not really enjoy mainstream music or TV shows, and I much prefer anything Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I was born in Hong Kong, so I can speak Cantonese fluently, but my Mandarin is pretty bad, and my fourth language – Japanese – is pretty much nonexistent communication-wise. I enjoy playing the Rubik’s Cube (supposedly ranked 80-something in Canada, though I don’t think over 100 people play anyway, LOL!) and occasionally the piano (last time I seriously played was 6 years ago, earning my Grade 8 level with shitty marks, so no I can’t really play for crap). I also play a lot of badminton, which I’m also not that good at. Oh, did I mention I really enjoy singing? I crack a lot and my throat burns out after a song or two. I’m not particularly good at anything. Yep, aren’t most people? I’m hoping to get good at something within the next 10 years, so I have something to show :).

I hope that pretty much sums up everything about me.


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