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Being beta

I believe that one is beta simply whenever one is forced to take an alternate form of action then he originally intended (women cannot really be classified – all they want is an alpha male anyways).

Very simple – you are about to walk into someone. Whoever dodges or moves out of the way first is beta.

You might LOL and think… those are just manners.

I think not.

Manners are just an excuse to beta your way out.

If you are feeling dominant and aggressive, would you say Thank You or Sorry or Excuse me?

Fuck no!

Why do I need to be sorry or be excused?


While it is true that to function properly in everyday life, socially speaking that is, you need to be polite and have manners, I believe that if you have the balls to not give a fuck, then you will stand out. You will be respected by males more, and you will catch the eyes of females more.


Being beta is just a habit that you need to get rid of. Over time, being beta is a habit that accumulates. So I strongly urge anyone that wants to be a real dick to show their real selves. As long as you don’t aggravate others to the point of getting beat up or fired, then its alright. Being passive aggressive (swallowing down any rage and pretending to be fin) is the worst ┬áthing you can do to yourself. If you don’t see fit, then speak up and stand up about it. You will feel a much stronger sense of self-esteem, confidence, and integrity.


What about to friends? To people who have gained your trust and have shown their worth, then we can put down the alpha spear once in a while. That does not mean being beta. If they piss you off, and its gone beyond the lines, then return fire. Not returning fire is mature sometimes, but when lines are crossed, then punish.

Still, it is worth your time being nice to friends and family. To anyone you don’t know, it is better to put up the alpha spear and shield up. Don’t smile, don’t fidget, look them straight in the eye until they cower away. Don’t give them any benefit until they have shown their worth. Being nice only makes others exploit you, that is the truth of the real world. This isn’t some fairy tale where at the end of the day you and some new found friends go happily hop around in some grass field with sunflowers and bouncing bunnies.

Life isn’t about bowing down to others, listening to others dictating you, and being a little dominated shrimp. Everyone was born to have an equal chance to rule the world.


Provoking question of the day:

Would you kill someone for 200,000 knowing you will ever get caught, except the victim’s family and friends will be sad?

Certainly not for 5000 right? But what if you knew he or she would do the same to you if given the chance? Then would you do it?

Posted by: changheuk | March 15, 2011

Seemingly… no time for anything

In no particular order, these are the things I’m interested in learning or doing:


At least one other instrument



Making quality music videos with myself doing a cover, at the same time converging with video-editing as a hobby

Rubik’s Cube (not really something I would invest more time in, but would not mind getting faster)


Lifting, to the point where I can possibly compete at say, a weight of 150-160 lbs



Playing the best video or computer games from time to time, but not as a gamer… say the big thing right now is Starcraft II, I want to get decently good at that, but find myself rather playing League of Legends instead :S


History (okay only a select few topics, not all)


Theoretical Physics (<– major like)

Environmental issues tied in with geography (something like a more realistic version of the Venus Project)

Conspiracies (think tin-foil hats)


Decoding women in general

Card magic tricks



Japanese (extremely far away from mastering it, the other day I watched a movie in Japanese subtitles and they were speaking in Saga-ben, and I couldn’t understand anything at all if it wasn’t for my fast Chinese Kanji recognition speed)

German (close to English, great country, technologically advanced)

Korean (great country overall)

Hokkien (widely spoken by native Chinese in other Asian countries, said to be roughly similar to Taiwanese)

Mandarin (been learning for so many years… but put me with a Chinese from regions like Beijing or any of the Northern provinces and I don’t think I can hold a conversation at all…)

Malay (debatable, but I would like to visit the country and if I like it enough, settle there. Really like the idea of Muslims and Chinese living in harmony together, though I don’t know if that is true or not)

Shanghainese (said to be a means of communicating better with the upper class of Chinese consisting of wealthy and prominent people, such as businessmen)


Surprisingly, these are some things I have no interest in learning in the near-future:

Watching or playing any sport besides Badminton



Economy (must know what is going on, but otherwise, no Thanks)


Game design

Cars (too expensive for too little gain, all you are spending on is ultimately getting from point A to point B in a nicer looking piece of metal with wheels)


Too much to name…



Seemingly is the first word in the title of this post. Why? Because we all have so much time. We just don’t have the mental energy. We feel tired after a long day of work or school, and we rather relax for a while. Isn’t it hard to learn continually for the whole day? Before you know it, we are procrastinating… and that means we will feel guilty if we start investing time in a hobby that no one other than you cares about and start sacrificing the more “important areas” of your life.


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A beast [a personal thesis]

By becoming a beast, in a primal form, I will become a truly efficient human being.

I will be able to neglect my emotions, and seek my basic desires without any hesitation: food and sex.

Lesser desires: knowledge, territory, and maybe things such as money.

We live day to day in an inefficient fashion. We waste time, we get hung up on emotional problems, we doubt ourselves, we inquire about our own identity, we dwell on the past, we put faint hope in the future… in a way, paralysis by analysis.

In a man’s most primal form, he will only seek what he wants.

How do you become a beast?

You return to nature.

That isn’t really possible in the urban jungles that take up our habitat, so we can only work from the mind.

Control your mind. Stop being a slave to it. Blow it up. Seek extreme forms of exercise that bring about exhaustion to a level that you slowly feel like you are just an animal in the wild. Then you will naturally run and seek food.

You get horny. You will seek a woman to copulate with. Sometimes I think that life’s purpose is to find a good enough female to produce offspring with and then nurture said offspring into beings of power and dominance. Isn’t that the motivation behind everything we do?

Listen to your primal instincts and stop playing retarded games of mental chess just to get her to bend down.

Inside every single human being exists the primal beast. One which must be unleashed to realize one’s full potential.

We have to go backwards to go forwards.

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A dream

I had a dream where I was working in a fictional Richmond Centre, across Pet Habitat. Everything looked different though.

I was having a normal break, it was around 1:30 PM. I was to go back to the store after flirting with some girl from another store during break time.

I went to the washroom first. It was a very strange washroom. It was very big, a ton of stalls, and there were doors for privacy but somehow the peeing stalls were all connected in a sense that I don’t know why there are doors.

The ceiling looked something like out of Richmond Public Market. If you lifted one of the ceiling tiles, you would see the clear sky. Except you can’t, since the washroom is underground.

I was peeing with my coworker, he finished earlier, and I saw a crazy white male that resembled a chipmunk looking rapist looking at me in the stall beside me. He was in his 60s, white hair, fat build. He proceeded to grope me. I fought back. He took out an orange cutter knife.

Somehow I used a technique I learned in one of those self-defense videos (Bas Rutten lol?) and knocked the knife out of his hand. A fight ensued. I stabbed him an odd 20 times.

I went back to work and apologized for my tardiness.




Why was I about to get raped by a man in the first place?

I am a man in a woman’s body. Thats why.

An ironic metaphor for what I am in the real conscious living world.

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Sleep is important!

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